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Photo Update of new S-Series (S74x)

Last day, a new S-Series Walkman was spotted at a dealer show in Japan. AV Watch has updated their site with more photos of the new S74x with a plethora of colours. Rest of the photos after the jump.

From AV-Watch


  1. Wow, definitely looking forward to this player!
    (assuming there's more features than the S/E series)

  2. Many posters at various websites are posting that the players are ONLY meant for sale in Japan and in Japanese.

    Also, expect it to be pricey main due to the relatively high valuation of the Yen!

    Hopefully, Sony will release an international version with multi-language support soon )and at a lower cost)!

  3. This is the story I am hearing as well, which might mean Sony is waiting for CES 2010 to unveil new walkmans for europe and north america, which I hope is not the case.


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