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Discounted X-Series on Vobis.pl

What’s this? A large price drop in the X-Series? I’m slowly gearing up to purchase a new walkman, either the new A-Series or the older X-Series. Unfortunately both are expensive but I found a good price on the new A-Series a week back and might just pick it up. Surprisingly the A-Series in Poland is cheaper than it is in Germany which is a surprise. Problem is, will 16GB be enough capacity for me? My A818 is currently topped up to the max with songs, but then I do tend to use 320kbps MP3s so they do take up more space. Again have not decided anything yet but will post if I do buy a new Walkman.

About the X, it is 599zl and 999zl for the 16GB and 32GB respectively, which is about 155 euro and 260 euro. If you ask me this is rather cheap, since some websites are selling the 16GB X-Series for 199 euro. I have no idea how long this discount will be on for but if you live in Poland, be sure to check it out.

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