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Sony Japan Introduces new Earphones (MDR-EX77SLA & MDR-EX59Z)

Sony Japan has unveiled two new sets of earphones with an expected release date of September 10th. The models are the MDR-EX59Z and MDR-EX77SLA, which is an update on the MDR-EX77SL released last year. Both models will be offered in black, white, blue, red and pink. Both units feature a 9mm driver with the EX77SLA having slightly better frequency range and sensitivity. In addition the EX77SLA now ships with 4 different bud sizes (SS, S, M, L) and the 90cm extension cable is not included. The MDR-EX59Z earphones feature a new mechanism with the ability to adjust the length of the earphone cord meaning one can lengthen or shorten the cord.

In order to attract new customers to the Walkman line, Sony could easily ship new Walkmans with the EX59Z or even the EX77SLA like was previously done with older models. I understand not shipping the E-Series with premium EX headphones but shipping the S540 with cheap MDR-E805 buds is a sin. Sony could have easily thrown in a pair of EX phones for the S-Series. Perhaps when a new model appears, this will be the case.

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