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Sony New Zealand releases new E-Series

Sony New Zealand has released the new E-Series walkman (NWZ-E450). The player will ship in 4 different colours, black, pink, red and blue and range from 4GB to 16GB in capacity. The NZ E-Series is identical to the European model so there is nothing new to mention with regards to functionality. The new E-Series will be available from the beginning of October with the following prices: 4GB - $169.95 NZD, 8GB - $229.95 NZD, 16GB - $279.95 NZD.

I am not sure the pricing is all the great, when a comparable E-Series in Europe is $140 NZD for the 4GB, $179 NZD for the 8GB, and $215 NZD for the 16GB. I am not sure how well this new E-Series will sell but once Apple releases the new Nano, no doubt it will cost less than the E-Series.

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