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New Blog Design

I have finally been able to update the blog with a new skin and design.  It took a couple of days to customize the skin but I have finally been able to finish it earlier today and was able to upload it this evening.  The new design has larger text, a search engine, featured videos and a slider at top with the top news or posts.  I have also updated the about and contact pages but still have yet to add anything to the 'level 1' link.

I am hoping that this cleaner look will attract more visitors and viewers and hopefully more people will comment than in 2010.  With this new simpler design, I hope I will be able to post faster news updates and even if possible using my mobile phone.

Perhaps CES this year will have some surprises for Walkman fans, and with Android 3.0 coming later this spring, perhaps the Android Walkman is not far off...


  1. im loving the new design! its great and definitely more professional looking :D

    though Android is probably a good start im still not sure whether it is the best way to go for the Walkman. Since there are so many Android devices available now there are limited reasons why one would purchase a walkman over a similar android device given that the walkman will almost certainly be more expensive.
    perhaps an optimised version of the PSP OS could be good?

  2. Thanks for the comments, it is true android would be pointless, but then Sony would be bringing much better sound tech than most other devices, still it remains to be seen if anything even debuts at CES this year


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