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Walkman Gift Ideas

Some gift ideas for Christmas from Walkman.

The A-Series - The new Touchscreen A-Series with high end EX headphones and great sound quality.  I was able to try this out for a few days and even though it is lacking noise-cancellation of my X-Series, it is still a great little device. The sound quality is great and the included headphones are a nice bonus.  The LCD screen is bright and responsive.  If you need noise-cancellation or use FLAC, this Walkman is not for your, since it lacks both.  But it does come with Bluetooth and this could be a nice addition for some to use with Bluetooth earphones.  Unlike some other touchscreen players, the A-Series features standalone buttons for play/pause, backwards, forwards and volume control.  Such controls are a major benefit which can allow a person to use the player in their pocket without taking it out to change or pause songs.  If you are willing to spend a little more for yourself or a gift, then I would highly recommend the A-Series.

The S-Series - The new S-Series with bundled Bluetooth headphones.  Slightly smaller than the A-Series, the New S-Series is a nice evolution of the previous model.  It offers the same great sound quality of the A-Series but at a slightly more affordable price.  The only downside is the small screen, lack of codec support and small capacity but it makes this up with great headphones and amazing sound quality.

E-Series - If either the A-Series or S-Series are a bit too expensive then I would recommend the new E-Series which also offers amazing sound quality.  With a 16GB model available it provides great bang for the buck since it ships with premium EX headphones.  Limited codec support is the only downside, but if you need a good cheap player then I would recommend this to anyone that likes listening to music on the go.

I apologize for the lack of updates or news but there is not much happening in the world of the Walkman.  Perhaps once CES 2012 rolls around there will be more news with possibly the introduction of the Z-Series to the international market.  Perhaps Sony is waiting for Ice Cream Sandwich before it launches the Z-Series worldwide?


  1. Hi ascariss, thanks for all your stories this year. If we don't hear from you before the 25th, have a happy and safe Christmas.

  2. J3 FTW...!!

    And Happy Hollidays!! :)


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