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I have a problem, my X-Series is slowly losing its battery capacity and there currently are no Walkmans on sale that feature active noise cancellation.  Before owning the X, I dismissed noise cancellation as a useless feature.  Well I admit I was wrong, very wrong.  Now that that I am in the market for a new Walkman, none have built in noise cancellation.  I know it is possible that buy a separate pair of headphones with noise cancellation but that would require me to carry around an extra pack with batteries to power the headphones. Now there is an E-Series in Japan with noise cancellation but I doubt importing would be cost worthy.

Maybe I will hold out to September and see if anything will debut at IFA in late August.


  1. I too am running into the battery situation with my X. I'm thinking about the Z, I use beats headphones, so the active N/C is not that necessary in my case. The only option you have is to replace the battery, I had inquired about a replacement from Sony and it was about $100 so balancing out the cost of that with taking apart my beloved X versus a Z = I'm stuck too.

  2. My X is going the same way. The Z is far too big and bulky for me as I only use the music features. Have a look at the Hisoundaudio Rocoo-P, superb little player for the price.

  3. dont buy the Z !!!!!! i have a X and i LOVE IT
    and i thought that the Z was better then the X

    nope...fail... the Z is okay if you didnt had the x before....but o wow... no... the X is much better then the Z (from soundquality) and its really big -___- i returned the Z ...i was really dissapointed... the Z feld like that it was some sort of a emulation from the X -_-

    so if you got the X keep it please...its much better then the Z....

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  5. I also have the X and the Z but to my ears, the Z is noticeably more dynamics sounding. Of course, I'm using a JH audio custom IEM, so discerning differences are easy to hear. The Z walkman improves upon the X especially in dynamic range, and soundstage including details retrieval. Is your Z-walkman, a US or UK version? There are many reports that the Euro walkman suffers inferior sound quality and volume limitation compared to US & JP versions.


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