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(Update) WH-Series Pricing and Availablity

The 4GB model is now available in most EU countries but the 16GB model has no information on date of availability.  Pricing in the EU seems to be the same regardless of area. The only difference seems to be from Sony Hong Kong. which has 2 more colours, silver for the NWZ-WH505 and Red for the NWZ-WH303.  There seems to be no news yet regarding the WH-Series and Japan.  Sony Australia has both 4 and 16GB versions up on their site but no pricing or availability is provided, in addition the 4GB version comes in white and red and the 16GB only in black.  Sony New Zealand only lists the NWZ-WH303 and only in black, no other info provided.  Nothing on Sony India's website.  Sony Malaysia lists the NWZ-WH303 in black, red and white with no pricing/availability.

Also as mentioned before in a comment, the WH-Series does come with Zappin like the old W-Series, all you do is press play for 2 seconds to activate the function

Pricing and photos of the colours after the break.

I didn't post all the countries, but if you wish to post the pricing/availability for a country not listed, please reply to this post.

Sony Germany
NWZ-WH303 - 119 €
NWZ-WH505 - 199 €

Sony France
NWZ-WH303 - 119 €
NWZ-WH505 - 199 €

Sony UK
NWZ-WH303 - 99 pounds (out of stock)
NWZ-WH505 - 179 pounds (out of stock)

Sony Poland
NWZ-WH303 - 499 zł
NWZ-WH505 - 849 zł

Sony Czech Republic
NWZ-WH303 - 3000 Kč
NWZ-WH505 - 4900 Kč

Sony Sweden
NWZ-WH303 - 1159 SEK
NWZ-WH505 - 1949 SEK

Sony Hong Kong - release date for both models is September 25 to October 2
NWZ-WH303 - 780 HK$
NWZ-WH505 - 1580 HK$

Sony Australia
NWZ-WH303 - N/A
NWZ-WH505 - N/A

Sony New Zealand, Malaysia
NWZ-WH303 - N/A

Sony China - 16GB in black/silver, 4GB in red/white/black
NWZ-WH303 - 849 RMB
NWZ-WH505 - 1699 RMB

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