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Firmware upate for NWZ-F804/F805/F806

Sony Indonesia has just released a firmware update for the previous generation F-Series, you can grab it here at this link.

Update brings the following improvements:
  • Improvement in network performance, and a stability improvement of operation
The upgrade is to version 1.12, if your device hasn't update automatically, you download it from the link above.  I am not sure if this update applies to other regions but I feel it should work technically.  But please update with caution, I am not responsible for bricking of your device.

Thanks to sealplayerz for bringing this to my attention.


  1. well. i'm suprised too because i think Sony won't give any update for the previous generations F series because of the new generations F series release but suddenly Sony still give update for that.

  2. There's also an update for NWZ-Z1050 and NWZ-Z1060 in Australia, New Zealand, and India.

  3. The update is available for the Z series in the US and Latín América. I was also surprised to see the system update available in my Z1060.


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