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Sony introduces the ZX1 to Europe (price update)

Edit: It seems there is no information regarding the ZX1 for the US, apologies, only Europe for now and Asia-Pacific.

NWZ-ZX1 Walkman

Enjoy High-Resolution Audio while you’re out and about with the Walkman® ZX1. Every single part, material, and feature of the ZX1 has been crafted by Sony engineers to realise the ultimate High-Resolution Audio experience on the move.

Sony’s S-Master HX Audio Amplifier reduces distortion and noise at wider frequency ranges, while DSEE HXTM up-scales existing sound files to near High-Resolution quality – making you feel as if you’re really there at the recording studio or concert. Whatever you’re listening you, unmatched mobile sound quality is further assured by Clear Audio+TM technology[ii] by bringing together the expertise in digital signal processing technologies that Sony has cultivated throughout its history.

And for even more revealing sound on the move, specially-selected precision components are teamed with thickened internal connecting cables and a super-rigid aluminium chassis. No compromise has been made to ensure absolute clarity of sound – including the use of extra-large ‘OS-CON’ power supply capacitors to maintain superb frequency response and minimise noise at the amplifier output stage. On top of this, the Walkman® ZX1 offers plenty of options for your listening pleasure. High-Resolution music files can be played in WAV, FLAC, Apple Lossless, and AIFF formats.

The new range High-Resolution Audio products from Sony are on sale in Europe from March 2014.

Btw there are no headphones included with the new ZX1, and we have a price from Sony Germany


698.99 Euros, or 951 USD, ouch.  All the speifications after the break.


  1. Where is the NA press release? I can't seem to find it on Sony's US site

    1. you are correct, it seems not to be there, I assumed it was there at CES but just not mentioned. Updated the post, thanks.

  2. Thanks a lot for this info, my hi-res audio dreams finally come true :D A bit pricey, but more affordable as Astell & Kern. According to some Japanese reviews it sounds amazing! Does this device play DSD-files as well? No word in the specs, but you'll never know with Sony? I wish there would have been an extra cardslot for another 64GB. 128GB is not much when it comes to losless and hi-res audio files .. It would be crazy to store MP3 or iTunes Downloads (lossy AAC) on such an expensive premium device.

  3. Dont understand Sony's pricing, the NWZ-ZX1 is £480 in Japan (WhatHiFi review) but is priced at £549 (Sony UK website). So why is the price so diffrent?

  4. Good question, still cheaper than in germany, which is about 20 pounds more.

    at this point, the F series is a better investment.

  5. Some people believe the F880 to be the true audiophile-DAP bargain, indeed.

  6. I would prefer the NWZ-F886 on cost and size/weight grounds but there is no 64Gb version in Europe. Sony's Uk site only offers 32Gb (NWZ-F886) and 16Gb (NWZ-F805). For a product that supports 24bit audio the storage is far too small.

    What's the point of the speaker in the back of both the NWZ-ZX1 and F-series , if I listen to music I use headphones. The space could be better used for a bigger battery or microSD slot.

  7. https://store.sony.com.my/productlisting.aspx?catid=318&hpid=Walkman_ZX1:hp:my:right_ban

  8. There is a good review of the NWZ-ZX1 Walkman on the WhatHiFi Website (http://www.whathifi.com/review/nwz-zx1), there was an intresting comment regarding SD cards: 'Sony has however told us it is looking to introduce SD card slots elsewhere in the Walkman line-up'. Hopefully this will be in the NWZ-F886 32Gb model, anyone heard anything?


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