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Sony Walkman A-Series price

Quick price update, US price 299.99 dollars for 64GB which is quite hefty and expensive.  Looks like EU price is 199 Euros but for 16GB model only.

EU price at 199 Euros to USD is 257 dollars which is a lot more expensive than one should pay.


  1. Why is the expensive crossed out? It is very expensive indeed. Yes it is 64gb. But flash memory is dirt cheap these days. A 64gb microsd card costs less than 30 dollars. Why does sony suddenly jump to 64gb rather than the usual 4 and 8 gb we typically get? Come on.....

    1. Well compared to the European price of the 16GB, 199 Euros to USD, it is around 257 USD, so for 30 dollars more you get 48GB more in the US, while in Europe the 64GB model would probably cost a lot more, easily 299 Euros knowing pricing here.


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