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Sony officially introduces the new WS-Series Walkman

Music while you work out: wearable, waterproof Walkman® WS610 series now with Bluetooth® wireless technology
Energise yourself with the perfect soundtrack as you run, bench-press or swim with the brand new Bluetooth® Walkman NWZ-WS610 – complete with its own handy ring-type remote commander.

Listening to music while exercising can create an increased level of motivation and distract the mind. Sony’s latest-generation wearable MP3 player does just that. It is designed for a comfortable, secure fit while you’re pounding the track or streets – with no wires to slow you down. It’s waterproof, too, with cleverly-designed earbuds offering snug wear and crisp sound during that morning pool session or post-workout shower.

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For the first time, Walkman NWZ-WS610 doubles as a wearable Bluetooth® headset, giving you extra choice for your tunes by wirelessly listening to your music right from your smartphone while you’re jogging or working out.

Also included, a handy ring-type remote commander controls music playback and lets you accept calls while you’re on the move. The low-power wireless technology of this user-friendly remote commander enables extended use without ever having to worry about charging the battery.

The choice is yours: listen to music stored in Walkman’s memory, or stream sound wirelessly from Internet services like Music Unlimited, Spotify, and YouTube via your smartphone. No need to miss any notifications from your running apps or any other notices from your smartphone while you are running, the SoundMix function cleverly blends music listening with sound warnings from your smartphone’s apps.

Don’t let chatting with friends get in the way of your routine – Walkman NWZ-WS610 lets you take hands-free phone calls while you’re exercising. Just touch Walkman for a moment against your smartphone and you’re good to talk: NFC simplifies wireless connection between both devices, with no fiddly pairing or set-up menus to worry about.

For even greater control and ease of use, the SongPal app from Sony means you can control Walkman from your smartphone, allowing you to browse stored tracks by artist or album and tweak sound settings. A variety of settings are available to enhance the sound quality, including Clear Phase™, which provides realistic sound, and Clear Bass™, which provides dynamic deep bass without distortion.

Loading up Walkman with your music collection is refreshingly quick and easy. Just connect your NWZ-WS610 with a cable and drag and drop files straight from your PC with no fiddly transfer software needed

The waterproof, wearable Walkman NWZ-WS610 MP3 player with Bluetooth® is available in Europe from early October 2014 

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  1. How many devices can it connect to, iPhone and Mac in the same time? Can I use it without the "ring"?


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