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Is this the Sony WM1-Series Walkman? (UPDATE)

Sony will be launching two new Walkman models at IFA 2016 this year,  one being the updated the A-Series and the second the WM1 series.  This above image was sent to me by an anonymous user (thank you), it appears to be from a Sony China mini website or teaser site for IFA.  Rumours has it that we should expect a high end pair of headphones, possibly replacing the MDR-Z7 or perhaps positioned above the Z7, a new high end Walkman and a new high end DAC to replace to PHA-3.  If this turns out to be correct, I feel this might be a niche product for devoted audiophiles because a setup like this could easily cost anywhere from 1500-2000 dollars.  Update: looks like that figure might be way too low, according to a user in the comments, the headphones may cost around 3000 USD, the Walkman 2000-3000 USD and the DAC up to 3000USD.  If these figures are correct then this will be easily the most expensive Walkman set up to date and out of range of the average Walkman audiophile.  Below is a larger image of the upcoming Walkman.

(click on photo for larger view)

A teaser of the new high end headphones from Sony.

If this is too expensive for  anyone, there will always be the updated A-Series.  Below is the rest of the poster from the anonymous user, warning it is a large image.  It appears to have new text, so if anyone wishes to translate please a comment below, thanks.

(click on photo for larger view)


  1. You are cordially invited

    Conference of Sony High Fidelity flagship product

    2016 Sept 2

    Venue: 1/F, U Space, Sony, Beijing (4 Jiuxianqiao Road , 798 Art District , Ceramic 3 St., Beijing District Chaoyang, China) 

  2. looking forward to see what they come up with ..i still prefer a sony walkman without android ..i have a ZX100 and i like it

  3. From a trusted Chinese audio media blogger, A high end headphones around USD 3000, a high end portable player 2000-3000 usd, a desktop headphone amplifier usd 3000.

    1. If the pricing is correct, then it will be slightly out of reach for the average walkman fan.

  4. impossible for Sony to price their products that much....it just wont sell that much

  5. I would venture saying, people should just drop the "it won't sell because they're Sony, not this fancy XYZ brand or that other ABC one..." type of comments. It only shows ignorance about business in general and product planning in particular.

    Whenever a product planner inside Sony or any other serious company, brings an idea to the top managers, he/she has to come up with plausible assumptions based on market studies and socio/economic trends, in addition to actual insights from discussions with their internal & external clients, as to what might be sellable, what would have demand, and in which price segments there are unattended wants/desires.

    Without any of these, the powers that be would just dismiss the product planner, and his/her outlook wouldn't be very bright inside the division. And don't even get me started with the bill of materials, engineering questions before they dive into months planning, design and vendor negotiations, not to talk about the bean counters, which have seriously taken a toll on Japanese electronics exuberance, to the point CaNikon are now suffering what Sony did between y2k and 2010.

    All of this just to point out the obvious, really, that no serious company just pulls an idea out of their proverbial asses, simply deciding to put out an expensive, unsellable product, as an exercise in branding grandeur and to prove a point.

    I've also noticed that most skeptics tend to make the same dismissive comments, in direct proportion and symmetry to their inability to fund the purchase of those expensive toys they're criticizing. I guess it must be therapeutical...(??)

    I guess the conclusion would be: "...the fact that you can't afford it, doesn't mean there's no market for it or customers with enough dough for it!".


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