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Sony HDX-2931 and HDX-2937, are these the WI-C200/310?

The Bluetooth certification website has provided new internal codes for 2 new wireless headsets from Sony, the HDX-2931 and HDX-2937.  Only information provided is that these will sport Bluetooth 5.0.  These could just be the newly introduced WI-C200/310, and looking at the certification for those headsets here, we see the section combined designs, which has the following information: "102756,10419".  These same combined design numbers are seen for the HDX-2937, so this model is either the WI-C200 or 310.

The second code name, HDX-2931, provides little info, with the combined designs not matching anything in the WI-C200/310 data sheet, but checking both numbers in the BT database yields the following:

123736 - Mediatek Hummingbird Duo 5.0

124814 - AB15abx , MT28abx; Airoha BT chipset ABwxyz BT5.0 BB/LM/LL/RF/RF-PHY/HCI

Not sure if these different headsets but they seem to be using different chipsets from the WI-C200/310.  Checking the HDX-2937 design numbers shows the following:

102756 - RTL875x-876x-88xx-872x

This information does lineup with the supposed chipset the WI-C200/310 are uisng.

104191 - RealBlue DualMode Host Stack BT5

No idea what this is, beyond my knowledge of tech. So we could just be looking at the internal Sony codes for the WI-C200 (HDX-2931) and WI-C310 (HDX-2937), or perhaps something else but I doubt it.  If anyone has any additional information, feel free to contact me, using the contact page.

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