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Sony MDR-V55 Review

I've been searching for some good headphones for a while now.  I've used in-ear headphones for a while and my external speakers for my laptop, but I needed something different.  I wanted the Sony MDR-V700DJ but with a wide ranging price and limited availability I gave up searching for them.  I also looked into some Pioneer headphones, yet nothing was available at any local stores and only online but again cost was an issue.  In April Sony introduced a new selection of headphones with the MDR-MA500 catching my eye, of course they were not on sale in Poland.  I was about to give up when I saw another press release with other headphones I haven't seen before, the MDR-V55s.

The MDR-V55s are similar in design to the more expensive V700s and appear to use slightly cheaper materials.  I've read numerous reviews on the 700s and how easily they break or succumb to wear and tear and thought I didn't need such expensive headphones, therefore why not grab these instead (V55).  I ordered the red version online here for less than $100 US / 72 Euros with pickup at the local store.

The new packaging from Sony is nice and easier to open than the old clamshell plastic packaging I was used to, but I still had issues opening up the top.  Most if not all of the packaging is recyclable so thumbs up to Sony for trying.

Once I extracted the headphones out of the plastic I tested them out on my X-Series.  I was pleasantly surprised that my X-Series was able to pump full volume and power with great sound.  I then went forth to test the headphones on my laptop.  They sound amazing, great range, bass not to loud/strong, good mids and the highs are just right.  Finally some perfect headphones for music production and making sets. 

I really like the design, the red accents are a nice touch and the overall build quality seems good.  At 220g, they are not the lightest but still quite light, that they are comfortable to wear for extended periods of time.  I am not sure when Sony moved to flat cords in their headphones but this is something new for me and I am a fan of this.  There is less of a chance of the cable tangling and wrapping the cable around the folded headphones is a breeze.  The cushions are soft and conform nicely to the ears but I wear glasses and this is not always that comfortable in my case. 

Of course no headphones are perfect and this is the case here as well.  First the build quality, no creaking in my set but the fact they are all built from plastic makes them feel perhaps a bit cheap at times.  I would have liked to see some metal parts especially at any weak points or stress points like the hinges.  Second, the cable at 1.2m is long enough when I am sitting at my computer and for my walkman but I would have liked to have seen some kind of extension in the box for TV viewing.  Finally, a carrying pouch of some sort could have been included, picky I know but it didn't have to be anything fancy just a regular cloth pouch.

Would I recommend these?  If you can grab them for under  $90 US then these are great headphones for home or travel.  But if 220g is still too much weight, then the MDR-ZX600 at 170g and they employ the same driver as the V55s.  Of course there are countless of other brands which offer better specs and build quality for slightly higher price or even cheaper price so it is best to look around and compare to see what best suits you.  But if you wouldn't mind picking up a pair, check out the links below :)


  1. Nice review! Btw, do you happen to know if the Walkman Z will be receiving ICS?

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  3. Extremely Cool Headphone really got to buy it asap..thnx for share


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