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Blog dedicated to all things Walkman.

A little bit of History...

A lot of my Walkman news and rumours were from Atraclife and the Sonyinsider, both run by Christopher MacManus.  I was an active participant of the Atraclife forums and Sonyinsider.  The sites were great but as minidiscs started to be slowly become replaced by Walkmans supporting MP3 natively, the Atraclife forums began to slow down.  So I decided to start a small personal blog dedicated to the Walkman brand.  The Walkman Blog began its life back in August 2009, just before IFA 2009 and I was ready to gather as much information as possible.  Things were slow at first and it took a while before a had anything one would call an audience.  

But in 2010 I posted an article about a mysterious walkman at IFA, which no one noticed and this was picked up my a few news sites, mainly Engadget which drove a lot of new traffic to my site.  The new Walkman turned out to be the NWZ-S750.  From then on traffic grew slowly when in July 2011, 2 articles went up about the new A-Series and E-Series Walkmans and traffic picked up substantially.

After that visitors came and went, with views dropping slowly, but some posts attracted the visitors, like my MDR-V55 review. Sadly in July of 2012 I stopped posting since I was quite busy with things in life and that really hurt the visitors and fans.  Things slowly picked up again in 2013, but somehow Google stats did not record anything from July 2013 to February 2014 so I have no data for that time.  Finally in July 2014 I posted about the new A-Series, the A10 and this is when things took off again, with each year the same cycle, less news around the beginning of the year and June/July rumours beginning and August/September new Walkmans.

Every year I fear Sony will kill the Walkman brand, but so far they have kept it going.  Sure the low and mid-tier devices are no longer sold around the world, maybe some in Japan, but the A-Series continues and we have some high end Walkmans as well.  This is mostly down to people using their smartphones a mp3 players and not having to carry around a separate audio device.  But with more and more people opting for better sound quality, people are shifting to other MP3 players, some of which are from Sony. 

Earlier this year, I contacted Sony in order to work with them to promote and market the Walkman brand and to receive any review units, so far sadly nothing has come out of this discussion, so any personal reviews will be my own of products I purchased myself.

I am extremely grateful to all the visitors from around the world and those leaving comments.  Next year marks 10 years of the blog, and on July 1st 2019 marks 40 years of the Walkman brand, so perhaps Sony has something special lined up.

Throwback to older site designs, unfortunately I do not have the first version of the blog but I believe I was using one of the older blogger templates.

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Thanks for reading and visiting the blog.

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