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(Updated) Sony Japan introduces new M-Series Walkman

Sony Japan has released the new M-Series and WH-Series Walkmans.  The WH-Series is the same as the newly announced international model.  The only difference is that there is no WH505 for Japan for the time being and only the WH303 will be sold in black and white.

The new M-series comes in 16GB capacity and 4 different colours, silver, violet, black and pink.  The M505 is equipped with an OLED display, S-Master MX amp and built in noise cancellation.  I am a bit confused when it comes to bluetooth functionality, it seems it can be paired with a mobile phone using NFC and the M505 will function as a wireless headset for the phone, with the ability to have the S-Master MX amp and Noise cancellation functionality.  Press release menitons bluetooth ver 3 but this seems to be only for pairing and not playback to a speaker.  If I am mistaken, please let me know.

Codec support is MP3, WMA, ATRAC and Linear PCM.  Battery life for the new M505 is 15 hours for normal playback and 10 hours using bluetooth.  Pricing for the new M is 18,000 yen (135 Euros), for WH3003, 15,000 yen (112 Euros).  M-Series will be available around early December and the WH along with higher capacity W-Series in the middle of October.

More photos and a video of the M-series after the break.

Source: Sony Press JP


  1. It seems there's plenty of life in the Walkman field, despite our (now proven unfounded) fears!

  2. I Japan Walkmans are still pretty popular...I see them on the train all the time!

    Still waiting for the mysterious hi-def prototype to be announced!

    1. it was already announced :P


    2. Yep. Pretty cool, although perhaps overpriced, 128 GB ZX-1!! On second thought, it might not be THAT overpriced, considering that an iPhone 5S 64GB is more than $800 in the US! Granted, it does make calls, but...

  3. Any idea whether the M Series will be Japan only or whether it will replace the B Series internationally? :-)

  4. Will the M Series be released internationally to replace the B Series.. or just a Japan only model?


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