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Black E-Series available for order in Canada and S-Series available for order in US

Checking the US and Canadian Sony Style websites, it appears some of the new walkmans can be ordered right now. More information and a coupon to save 25 bucks on the new E-Series in Canada after the break.

The 16GB S-Series is available for ordering on the Sony Style US website at $129.95 with a ship date of 08/31/2009. Shipping is included and only tax is applicable. The red model is slated for a September 25th arrival but like the black version could arrive any day now. Silicone cases for the new E and S are also available for pre-order at $19.99 US. Unfortunately the E-Series is still pre-order.
On the Sony Style Canada website the new E-Series is available for ordering with the 16GB priced at $129.99 and the 8GB at $99.99. Both are only shipping in black with the other colours available at the end of September.

If you live in Canada and want to save $25 on the 16GB model then enter the promotion code “BTS25” during checkout. This brings down the 16GB to $104.99. The promotion will not work on the 8GB model since it is under a $100 dollars, but never fear, there is a solution, find a product on the site that will bring the price over $100.

I would suggest “Sony's CDRW700R CD-RW Media 1 - 4X 700MB 80 min* in Jewel Case” which can be found here. Add the CD-RW to the cart and then use the same promotion code of “BTS25” and this will bring the price down to $78.28 without taxes. Shipping is free since both order are over $29.99.

I am not sure how long this promotion will last for, so order today if you want some deals on the new E-Series.


  1. do you know something firmware update for x and w series?

    i have the v1.02 of x series

    but i found a SONY LAUNCHER for x-series........

    do you speak spanish?

  2. Currently there are no plans for a firmware update for the X or W, although this might change for the X depending if an A series is released or not.


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