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Welcome to the Walkman Blog (Updated)

I am sure this world does not need another blog devoted to electronics and the such and I agree, but I personally believe the the Sony Walkman does not receive the proper coverage and discussion that it deserves. I own a mini collection of old and current walkmans and am currently evaluating which new walkman to purchase, either the X-Series or wait for the new A-Series.

This blog will basically cover all news regarding current, future and even some past walkmans. Along the way I will post any news, discoveries or tidbits of information I find which I see fit for to the blog. Of course one could just visit Engadget and find all the information they need but this blog will offer a real Sony walkman fan/user opinion, besides Endgadget never really devotes that much time to Walkmans and seems to dwell too much on Apple.

I am eager to grow this little humble blog and anticipate as time passes more people will find this blog and perhaps even post a comment or two. I am hoping to add user reviews and opinions on products in text with images or even in video. Of course I will personally try to review as many walkmans as I can, but I am limited on funds and will have to base these reviews from what I will encounter at a store or from a friend. There is much to look forward to in 2009 and 2010 for the walkman brand and hopefully with any luck some of it might even be exciting to non-Sony people.

So if you want to have a review posted, please feel free to contact me at


Now onto the posts

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  1. hola!!

    nice to visit you! =]

    i'm a peruvian boy and i can speak english...a little T-T

    but your blog is great!

    i'm a salesclerk of Sony here in Peru

    i sell walkman's!!

    see you later



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