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New Walkman Accessories

In addition to the new S-Series, Sony Europe also unveiled quite a few new accessories to compliment the new S and E. These include armbands, silicone cases for both E and S, and a soft carry case for the new S, but more importantly 3 docks, the BCR-NWU7, SRS-NWGU50 and the E440K. More information after the break.

The SRS-NWGU50 dock speaker allows for easy listening using your walkman and at the same time charging capability. The powerful 2 speaker system has an output of 20W (10W + 10W) and utilizes a Bass Boost Function for a rich bass sound. Inputs include WM-port on the front and a stereo IN on the back for other media players. The dock will function with any walkman that has a WM-port.

The BCR-NWU7 charging cradle simplifies transfer and charging while also allowing an analog connection to external speakers. The new charging cradle gets a design makeover from the old NWU5 which was just an update on the older NWU3 so that other walkmans would fit into it. The NWU7 now can fit the X-Series, new S-Series and E-Series. Older walkmans will fit when used with the appropriate adapter.

The E440K appears to be an all in one kit which includes the E44x series and a matching Digital Linear Phase Speaker System. The speaker can run off the supplied AC adapter or using internal batteries which can last up to 10 hours. Unfortunately the FM tuner will not work in the cradle since the antenna for the radio is the headphone cord. The E440K only comes in 4 and 8 GB capacities with no pricing mentioned in the press release. The kit will be available starting in October 2009.

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