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W-Series Walkman Moisture Issues

Sony Insider recently followed up on the moisture issue with the W-Series and it appears Sony USA will be replacing the models affected free of charge until 2011.

I have checked the Sony Canada Support page and found no information regarding any free replacements for Canada or even admitting a problem exists. I am unaware if there are any problems with W-Series models in Canada, but it would be interesting to see if anyone has had this issue.

At more than a $100 with taxes, a player advertised as a perfect fit for exercise…

Unique, lightweight and fantastic value, the WALKMAN® W Series is perfect for the street or the gym – with no wires to slow you down

…should not crap out with some little sweat or moisture since it is obvious people sweat when they exercise. Sony has probably addressed this issue in current W-Series models but this problem should have been caught during product testing. Well at least Sony admitted the problem and has addressed it showing Sony has realized that not everything they make is perfect.

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