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Sony Canada quietly introduces new S-Series

Sony Canada recently began selling the new S-Series via the Sony Style website. Unfortunately there was no press release from Sony regarding this event, so the appearance of the new S-Series was a surprise. More after the break.

Link to Sony Style Canada here

Only one model and colour option is available, black and 16GB. The S745 comes with noise cancellation and the ability to output to a TV using the optional video output cable (model WMCNWV10). I tried looking for this cable on the website but could not find it. Price for the new S-Series is $199.99 Canadian without taxes. Which is fair price if you ask me.

It is unknown if the 32GB model will be released in Canada, but I would not count on it, since Sony seems to want to keep the X-Series as it’s top capacity model.

Additionally the X-Series’ price has been cut by $50 bringing the price to $449.99. A price cut was needed in order to move units off the shelves since the original price was not cutting it. Unfortunately this is still too expensive for some and I doubt a $50 price cut will be sufficient.

This does raise the question, the X-Series’ price has been cut in many countries, does this mean a new product is due and will replace the X? CES is coming up in January and there might be a high chance something new will be introduced.

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