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Sony Style Canada lowers pricing on X and S

It appears that Sony Canada has decided to lower the pricing on both the X and S-Series. Does this mean new players are due soon? It does seem to follow the pattern like in all previous years, more after the break.

Sony Style Canada website

The X-Series now costs $399.99, where as the new S745 costs $159.99 which is a great price considering it is 16 gigs and comes with Noise-cancellation. Pricing also has been reduced on the S54x walkmans, but only the 16GB model. Current pricing is $139.99 which is a $20 reduction from the original price. With only a $10 price difference between the 8GB S54x and 16GB S54x, it is a no brainer which one is better deal.

The W-Seres also had a price decrease to $49.99, but it is currently out of stock with no new stock due anytime soon. The E34x's price has also been decreased and only the 16GB model, which now costs $109.99.

So one can either grab either player with reduced pricing or wait and see what Sony introduces at CES 2010 in a week’s time.

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