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RockridgeSound introduces speaker dock for the Sony Walkman

A new speaker dock for the Walkman has been introduced by RockridgeSound. The dock comes in 3 different colours and works with all Walkman models that feature the WM-Port. The wood models come in black and white and cost 5800 yen (~60 US), while the premium models in either white or pink cost 12800 yen (~136 US).  Rest of the information after the break.

Apart from the WM-PORT, the SG-W20 features a full EQ, headphone input and a stereo mini output for connection to non-walkman devices. It is good to see more products being released with the "Designed for Walkman" moniker on them. Personally I believe the design could be use some more “upscale feel” to it to fit in with Sony’s design language. Other than that, a decent product with an acceptable price.

The following models are supported:
• NW-S740
• NW-S640
• NW-A840
• NW-X1000
• NW-S730
• NW-S630
• NW-A820
• NW-A910
• NW-S710
• NW-S610
• NW-A800
• NW-S600
• NW-S700

These are all Japanese models, except the last 3 which were all released outside of Japan. Of course any Walkman with the WM-PORT will work with the dock but unfortunately the power input for the dock is AC100V (50/60Hz), therefore one would need a power convertor for US or EU use. Output of the speakers is 4W x 2 ch. Check out RockridgeSound’s website for additional details:

RockridgeSound (in Japanese)

Premium models

Wood models

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