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New Sony Walkman alarm clock dock introduced

Sometimes it seems like Sony decides to introduce a plethora of products for the Walkman on one day, looks like that day is today. Sony has decided to introduce another speaker dock, this time with clock and alarm functions. The new RDP-NW1 will be available starting April 24th at a suggested price of 13,000 yen (~140 US) and will come in black and white. The dock includes FM/AM tuner, a large display and a mini stereo input at the back. The top of the unit has a large snooze button with the rest of the controls such as volume, radio settings and alarm settings. A remote comes included as well. Images and hands on by AV Watch after the break.

Shame this is not on sale in Europe, would be a nice alarm clock and quick and easy way of listening to one's walkman.

Source: AV Watch

Link to hands on at AV Watch

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