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So I pulled the trigger and bought an X-Series…

I thought I could hold out from purchasing a new player from Sony until perhaps the summer when something new would arrive. But unfortunately I could not, and I spotted a great deal on an X-Series here in town and ordered one. I had the option of either the new A-Series or old 32GB X-Series. At 345 US with taxes it is substantially cheaper (160 US less) than what I would pay for it in Canada. 

Once I saw the price drop from more than 400 US to less then 350 US, I had to buy it. Versus the new A-Series, the X-Series came out cheaper per gig when comparing the 2. In the end I needed more space so a 32GB X is a better offer than a 16GB A-Series. I did do some quick testing at the store of both units and the X sounded much louder. Will have some photos up soon.

First impressions are very positive, the X’s sound is miles ahead of the A818 and the sound is more crisp, ie the sound feels like it is real. The screen is gorgeous and really responsive. I have to update it to 1.10 firmware later tonight.

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