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Sony introduces the NAS-V7M and NAS-V5 speaker docks for the Walkman

If the new RDP-NW1 alarm dock does not appeal to your tastes, then perhaps the new NAS-V7M and NAS-V5 will be more to your liking. The new speaker dock features exquisite design with plenty of features. Both new models are slated to arrive on June 26th but in Japan only. The NAS-V7M comes with 16GB of built in memory and should retail for 50,000 yen (~530 US) and the NAS-V5 makes due without the memory and should retail for 40,000 yen (~430 US). The NAS-V7M comes in silver or gold, whereas the NAS-V5 comes in black or pink. Specifications, photos and a video after the break.


• 16GB internal memory (NAS-V7M only)
• FM/AM tuner
• CD playback
• Wifi (802.11b/g) / standard LAN connection
• USB port
• Internet radio (Vtuner, SHOUTcast)
• DLNA support

Since the NAS-V7M comes with 16GB of memory, it has the capability of ripping CDs, record FM or AM radio, or from an external source, with a max capacity of 20,000 songs. Both models come with a remote. Packed full of features, the new docks are a fantastic addition to your walkman, but at 430 US and 530 US, the prices are a bit steep. I would be tempted to buy the NAS-V5 if it were on sale here in Europe, but it is unknown whether Sony will sell these outside of Japan.

Link to hands on at AV Watch

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