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CNET Asia Review of NWZ-S744 (8GB)

Last year CNET Asia reviewed the new S-Series, the general opinion is favourable but CNET had some issues with the Walkman.

• Audio performance
• Noise-cancellation
• External audio input
• Dedicated podcast directory
• TV-Out

• TV-Out cable sold separately
• Glossy screen (easily scratched)
• No dedicated NC switch

Link to the full review after the break.

Link to CNET Asia Review

CNET Asia claims navigation is the same as the older series, but it has changed slightly and is not identical. Audio performance is highly rated but this is no surprise. Unfortunately there is little or no information on the TV-out, apart from that it is possible. I also agree with CNET about the lack of a dedicated NC switch, I have NC on my X-Series and the ability to turn it on and off with a physical switch is much better than using the menu on the device.

Currently the new S-Series is available in specific markets so if you have a chance to check it out I suggest you do, since it is a nice alternative to the more expensive A-Series.

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  1. i had the older model and just bought the newer. I personally never had to switch the noise canceling off so I do not see it as a loss. Another pro is the A-B repeat - great for language learners. The drag and drop thing works great but I could never get the podcast facility to work properly or be much bothered with Sony's bundled itunes equivalent. I always had to drop them in with the rest of the music files. Great player overall.


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