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CNET Australia Review of NWZ-A845 (Great but ridiculous price)

Apart from England and New Zealand, Australia is the other English speaking market which carries the new A-Series. One would believe Sony Australia would price the A-Series inline with other places as is the case in England, but just like Sony New Zealand the price of the NWZ-A845 is to say the least ridiculous. The price difference between England and Australia is a staggering AU$140 and when comparing a 16GB iPod Nano, the price difference is even more at AU$150. Therefore I am not surprise why the Editors didn’t recommend this player when the price is out of this world.

Apart from the price, the rest of the Walkman is a hit with great audio performance, OLED screen, noise cancellation and high build quality. The review does suggest a possible reason for the higher price, great set of bundled headphones, OLED screen, noise cancellation and amazing sound, but the premium is not worth it. I would suggest the new S-Series but like its bigger brother, the S-Series is also overpriced in Australia (16GB model AU$369, versus the same model in Canada, at AU$240). I would suggest importing the A-Series if one has a chance.

Video and link to the full review after the break.

Link to CNET Australia Review

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