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Deal on Sony NWZ-A845

Advanced MP3 Players currently has the new A-Series, 16GB on sale at a £131 pound, ~$200US or 159 Euros. In comparison, Sony UK and Sony Germany is selling the same model for £149/179 Euros and neither of these site ship internationally, where as Advanced MP3 Players does ship internationally. The deal is valid for only 5 days now, so hit the link after the break.

Hit up Advanced MP3 players with the link below

If you have been living under a rock for the past 8-10 months and haven’t heard of the A845, here is a quick summary and some reviews.

• 16GB
• 2.8inch OLED Screen (400x240, 260K colours)
• S-Master Digital Amplifier
• Built-in Digital Noise Cancellation
• DSEE, Clear Stereo, Clear Bass
• 720x480 TV Playback (with WMC-NWV10)
• Personalized wallpapers
• FM Tuner
• Language Learning Mode
• Multiple codec support
• podcast support

Here are some reviews of the device:

Review 1

Review 2

Most of these websites are claiming poor sound and that the Nano sounds better. Well I have used the A845 and even though it is slightly quieter than my X-Series, there is no way it sounds any worse, and I would say they are on par since both use the S-Master amp. I have no used the headphones with the new A-Series but like all sony headphones, they need some burn in time and will sound better as time passes.

Here is a video review from Stuff.tv

The review mentions that the Apple Nano is better looking. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but there is no chance that the Nano looks better than the A845. The OLED screen alone blows the Nano screen out of the water and the strong monolithic design of the A-Series muscles over the “feminine” Nano any day. Furthermore the A-Series comes with much better headphones than most other players and these headphones alone are worth up to $100. Sure the Nano has a camera and other functions that the Sony lacks, but in the end, you are buying a MP3 player and not a gimmick. In the end if you ask me, the A-Series is a much better purchase than the Nano, especially with the OLED screen and noise cancellation.

On a side note, I will be planning on buying a new A-Series but am currently waiting for the larger capacity models to begin shipping.

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  1. just had to say - i moved to a A series from a nano. The A series sound is definitely waaaaay better than the nano. Both on my shure headphones and on the sony-provided set. The initial hissing that I heard pretty much went away after awhile as the headphones got burned in.

    also, prettier. seriously. XD


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