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IFA 2010 Preview

Well another year has passed and September is almost here, which means back to school sales and of course the annual Internationale Funkausstellung or the world’s largest consumer electronics show. While last year’s IFA was more or less a bunk for Walkman, perhaps this year Sony will unveil something new? The last time Sony announced anything at IFA with regards to the Walkman was back in 2008 when they unveiled the S73x, the E43x and the B13x. So is there hope for a new Walkman at IFA this year? Well some websites are discounting the current S-Series this could signal a new model is coming. Rest of the story after the break.

If any new Walkman is to debut at IFA, it probably will be an S-Series replacement model. Question remains, if a S-Series replacement debuts, will it just be the Japanese S-Series but geared towards Europe? Both Canada and Australia have the Japanese S-Series on sale, so a NWZ model does exist. But the model’s designation is the previous generation and a new S-Series should have a new appearance. Now unless Sony gets lazy and just uses this S-Series remains to be seen.

Now what would be a surprise is a new X-Series replacement model but I doubt Sony would release it at IFA and would probably save any X-Series replacement for CES 2011.

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