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New Princeton Alarm Clock Radio Speaker Dock

It was back in September of 2008 when Sony started the “Designed for Walkman” program in order to increase the number of accessories for the Walkman brand, but unfortunately manufacturers in Europe and North America have not caught onto this program. The only place where this applies seems to be Japan, where there are many accessories from third party vendors for the Walkman.

Last month Princeton was the latest to introduce a new “Designed for Walkman” accessory, a dedicated FM alarm clock radio with speakers.

Additional photos and rest of the information after the break.

The PSP-WM1 went on sale last month at a suggested retail price of 12,800 yen or around $150 US. The WM1 comes in black or white with a remote to control the Walkman wirelessly. Naturally this alarm speaker dock should work with any Walkman that utilizes the WM-port.

At a $150 US, this alarm clock speaker dock is a bit on the expensive side, but then most other similar accessories from Sony or other manufacturers are priced similarly.

Link to Princeton Product Page

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