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OLED A-Series Walkman Debuts in India

Sony India has announced a new addition to its Walkman lineup, the new A-Series. Available in 8 and 16GB capacities, and with 3 different colours for the NWZ-A845 (8GB) and black for the NWZ-A846 (16GB), with pricing set at 8990 Rs (150 Euros) and 11990 Rs (200 Euros) respectively. The new Walkman is already up on the Sony India website but there is no mention when it will be available for purchase. With a release in India, perhaps North America might be next?

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Keeping a perfect blend of pioneering technology and inimitable design, Sony introduces A-series O.L.E.D (Organic L.E.D) Screen Super Slim Walkman. An entertainment powerhouse, the ultra-thin WALKMAN A840 boasts of a superb 2.8 (7.1 cm) OLED screen, built-in Digital Noise Cancelling and S-Master Digital Amplifier technology. The Walkman® Memory capacity ranges from 8GB up to 16GB offering space to store up to 10,000 songs or 9 hours of video.

Whether it’s an action scene, or a colorful summer, videos leap off the screen with startling clarity, thanks to the 2.8 (7.1 cm) O.L.E.D screen, rapid response time, wide color range and high-contrast ratio. The Walkman also features Digital Noise-cancelling quality with a highly sensitive built-in microphone in the headphones; ambient noise is analyzed and cancelled with a reverse sound wave.

The convenient Drag & Drop Transfer system enables you to easily transfer data to and from your Walkman®. You can also now plug your Walkman® to TV and enjoy the crispness of full 720 x 480 high resolution playbacks, without pixelation. With up to 30 frames per second, even high speed scenes are presented smoothly. The 7.2 mm slim Walkman is not only effortlessly stylish but also equipped with superb battery stamina as well. The Walkman® can play up to 31 hours audio and 9 hours for Video. The battery care mode prevents overcharging and extends your battery’s number of charge cycles before depletion.

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