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Pocket-lint’s hands on with NWZ-E450

Pocket-lint had some time with the new E-Series at a Sony Event in the UK. Sony says the E-Series is meant to appeal to a younger consumer with a price to match. The new E-Series is slated to go on sale in early to mid September in 4, 8 and 16GB capacities. Link to article and photo gallery after the break.

Key points the article pointed out:
• lyric support via Gracenote
• 2 karaoke modes, minimum and maximum
• iTunes and iPlayer compatible
• plastic construction
• ability to adjust the key of a song
• sharp LCD screen

I do plan on testing these features myself in store but I doubt I will be able to check the Gracenote and iPlayer options since the player won’t be connected to a PC nor will the iPlayer work outside of the UK.

Link to the article

Link to photo gallery

Another hands on gallery from Electricpig.co.uk

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