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Sony Europe selling both NWZ-E350 and NWZ-E450 models

I was browsing the Polish Sony website and to my surprise I noticed that both the E350 and E450 are being sold in Poland. While the NWZ-350 only comes in 4GB and black. Furthermore the same situation is present on the French Sony website, NWZ-E353, E354 and NWZ-E454 available for purchase. Similar situation on the Czech Sony site.

Just like its North American counterpart, the NWZ-E350 also comes equipped with a USB-port rather than a WM-port which means it will not work with any WM-port equipped products. Therefore if you are from Poland and wish to buy a new E-Series and have any WM-port equipped products, opt for the NWZ-E450. Rest of the story after the break

Furthermore it appears that even though the 2 models look identical they seem to vary in dimensions according to the website:

94.7 x 44 x 9.7mm

95 x 44.1 x 10.4mm

But on the official Sony Press Release the dimensions on the new E450 are as follows: 94.7 x 44.0 x 9.7 mm

I checked both the Polish, German, Dutch and France Sony sites and they all have the same dimensions which are different from the official Sony dimensions. I would imagine this is some kind of an error but then with Sony, who knows.

Finally one more tidbit, on the Sony Style US site the guide start guide is available for download for the new NWZ-E350 and it appears that a NWZ-E355 (16GB) model exists albeit not for sale in the US or Canada for the time being.

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