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X-Series Silicone Case

The silicone case for my X-Series came in today and like all Sony silicone case, it sure does bulk up the player a bit. Nonetheless, the case improves the grip on the player many times over and should protect it from scratches. I have yet to stick on the screen protector but probably will do so soon. The bottom of the case has a loop to hang the walkman from a lanyard but I don’t think anyone would use this feature since the X-Series has some weight to it and hanging it from your neck would be uncomfortable. More photos after the break.

All in all, I think the case was a good buy. The case on my A818 has served me for ages and has yet to show any signs of cracking or tearing. Price wise I don’t believe I paid that much, with shipping it came out to $27 US/ 21 Euros, which is cheap considering it shipped in one day. The store I used is located in Poland, where I am currently residing, and the link will be provided at the end, but I am sure there are other European online websites still selling the case, notably amazon.co.uk and Sony Style US still has it at $19.99.

Link to online store

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