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Sony Revamps A-Series (NW-A850)

Sony has re-launched the A-Series again, same design, same capacity, but some new features, such as lyrics. Like the previous generation, it comes in 16, 32 and 64 GB capacities and 3 different colours, black, white and pink. The 64GB model is only available in black and white. The new A-Series will be going on sale on November 13th in Japan only, with the following pricing: 24,000yen (16GB), 30,000yen (32GB) and 40,000 (64GB).

With both the new E-Series and S-Series in Europe supporting lyrics and such, it would have been a wiser choice for Sony to release the A850 in higher capacities for Europe than the A840 version. It remains to be seen if the A850 will be available elsewhere or if a firmware update will be released to add lyric support to the A840.

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Image sources: Sony Press

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