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Sony NWD300 Active Speaker

Recently I have received a few emails and messages regarding docks for Walkmans and unfortunately there are not many available in Europe. I was able to locate one, the RDP-NWD300. It is available on the Sony website but for pre-order only and searchomg for the device on amazon.co.uk yields no results. A quick search on Google yields a few online retailers having the units available for pre-order.

Here are the specifications from Sony’s website:

• 5Wx2
• iFS Technology
• WM-Port
• PC mode
• line-in
• remote control
• colours: black and white

Two photos after the break.


  1. Some websites have the device already in stock, not sure about sony though.

    If you google RDP-NWD300 you will find some retailers with it, but not on amazon.co.uk for some reason.

  2. Merci d'avoir un blog interessant


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