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Hmm nothing again?

Well from the looks of the press releases, it appears nothing new from the Walkman brand, only some new headphones but it remains to be seen if something else will show up on the show floor but I am not holding my breath at this moment.

I have a feeling Sony is kind of giving up on the Walkman brand, no new X-Series, not even introduction of the A-Series for the US market.  I hope that Sony will have some new Walkman models later this year, either april or june, but again I am not expecting anything.


  1. well. that was an extremely disappointing let down again. no tablet, no psp phone and of course no walkman x 2g. I agree with you that sony is starting to give up on the walkman brand. I think that they've decided to keep the walkman brand for low end stand-alone mp3 players and leaving the high end stuff to sony ericsson handsets.

  2. Sadly, I think that you are both probably correct. Perhaps it's inevitable as most people these days seem to want an all-in-one device and are moving away from stand-alone music players. I did notice that Sony have a Walkman display at CES, but what was on display, I have no idea. From what I have been reading, Sony are planning to release a tablet, so perhaps that will somehow have Walkman incorporated into it. Who knows!


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