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So Can Sony deliver the ultimate Walkman?

Today Sony unveiled the new PSP, or Next Generation Portable (NGP).  The new device packs a lot of punch, with a quad-core cpu and a quad-core GPU.  I personally was not expecting for Sony to go all out like this but with supposed debut for the Winter holidays, by then dual-core and possibly quad-core devices will be on the market and will no doubt have quite the punch.  Apart from blazing computing power, Sony has included a 5 inch OLED touchscreen on the device.  I am wondering where Sony is sourcing this 5 inch OLED, Samsung displays or LG?

This brings up the question, will Sony be able to deliver when it comes to new Walkmans?  If rumours are true, then a new Walkman should be coming out later this year, possibly Spring 2011, if not then during IFA in Fall of 2011.  I would hope that Sony will release something sooner rather than later since Fall 2011 is quite some time off.  No doubt an OLED screen, touchscreen? maybe, but it doesn't have to be touch but will probably be touch given the current trend.  Physical controls are a must for volume, play/pause, backwards and forwards like on the X-Series.  Of course if the new Walkman is to have internet capabilities, then a fast CPU is a must to drive the browser.  Noise-cancellation would be nice along with on the go playlists, with the ability also to delete songs off the player.

Apart from that, I personally don't need apps or other addons.  So will Sony deliver this year a great new Walkman?  We'll see.


  1. I am hoping that my NW-A3000 will hold out for a new Walkman announcement. Sony has been very quiet regarding Walkman, even ignoring my questions on their Facebook page. Let's hope the Spring 2011 rumour is true!

  2. Hey Ascariss,
    Sorry to say it, but I don't think we're going to see a new high-end Walkman anytime soon.
    I've just done quite an extensive blog response to this. It's here:


  3. Except I know for a fact that something is coming ;)

  4. Now I'm just a little bit curious! Spring 2011 in the northern hemisphere?

  5. Mmmm... what sort of timeframe are we looking at?

  6. 4-5 months perhaps, not sure yet which regions will have it though

  7. Hi Ascariss,

    Thanks for doing this blog - have been a walkman fan for a while - atraclife did the job for a while but sonyinsider isn't quite the same - I am keeping the faith when it comes to sony putting out a killer high end walkman & share your "wants' for the new player - it has been a while though that's for sure - I had the x series then sold it to buy the a845 here in new zealand - made the switch to a cowon j3 a few months back but although the sound is warmer the UI and feel has never been as good as sony - here's hoping the japanese earthquake hasn't delayed the new walkman too muchI You have any more info or rumours other than it is coming soon?

  8. Sony need to make a walkman with:
    64gb+ memory
    On-the-go playlists
    Noise Cancelling

    The fact that it's 2011 and they still haven't done so is making me look at other brands.
    It's a shame because I have only ever used Sony mp3 players in the past and I love the sound quality.


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