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Sony X-Series Firmware Update to Firmware v1.11

It appears that Sony has released a firmware update for the X-Series Walkman, X1050/X1060.  I was surprised to find this update considering it was released last year in the middle of December.  This firmware update also pertains to the US model, X1051/X1061, so if you are from the US, don't worry you are not left out.  A quick list of the updates in the new firmware: 

-Reduces the time required to open Web pages
-Improves Web page scroll speed
-Improves Web page layout display
-Improves display of Web pages using frames
Full update overview and links to the firmware after the break.

Link to the firmware v1.11 for X1050/X1060 - click here
Link to the firmware v1.11 for X1051/X1061 - click here

Improvements over firmware version 1.10:
  • This update enables the following functions to continue to function after the planned YouTube® video receive method change. Without this update the functions will no longer work after the planned YouTube video receive method change.
    • "Keyword Search" and "Related Videos" functions.
    • "Related Links" function, which is called from the Music playback screen, to search for YouTube videos.

 Benefits provided by previous updates and included in version 1.11:
  • Reduces the time required to open Web pages
  • Improves Web page scroll speed
  • Improves Web page layout display
  • Improves display of Web pages using frames

Update procedure
  1. After completion of the download, connect your units to your PC by USB connection.
  2. Close all running programs on your PC.
  3. Double click the saved NWZ-X1000_V1_11.exe file and follow the on-screen instructions and make sure that the WALKMAN is not disconnected from the computer before the update is complete, although USB disconnection messages may sometimes appear on your computer.
  4. At the end of the update process the message that the update is complete appears. Click Finish.
    Your WALKMAN is now updated.

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