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Sony NWZ-E363/364 Leaked

Well what do we have here?  Looks new doesn't it?  Well it is, it's the update to the E-Series, the NWZ-E360.  At first glance little has changed, the screen seems to remain the same 2" QVGA (320 x 240) as from the previous E.  Capacities will be 4 GB (E363) and 8 (E364) with a 30 hour rated battery life.  Clear audio technologies, along with FM tuner, alarm and timer are included.  Like the previous E350, the NWZ-E360 also makes use of a USB connection rather than the WM-Port.  Only colour available seems to be black.  No information when this will debut, but it shouldn't be long now.  More images after the break.

Click on the images for larger versions:

 Original leak was via the Sony Latvia webpage with Google Cache as the source for the 2 images below.  I'm not sure if other colours will be available but it safe to assume that there should be.  If this E-Series will follow the trend of the previous model, then a WM-Port version of the new E might also launch, more likely taking the name NWZ-E460, with capacities up to 16GB.

If anyone has anymore information send me an email via the contact area.


  1. Odds of this launching with 16gb in US?

  2. ...or higher capacity? I have a 16GB at the moment and am seriously pushing the limits of my capacity. With a bunch of new albums coming down the pipeline, I know I will want to carry them with me. I love my Walkman and want more storage. What's the deal with 16GB being the current cap?? Goodness grief...

  3. Considering the previous E350 launched in the US, I can see this being available in the US as well, as for higher than 16GB capacity, I wouldn't count on it.

  4. Although it's great that Sony seems to still have some sort of interest in the old Walkman, I really would like to see something more than the minor cosmetic changes that are rolled out each year. For example, it would be nice to have a Walkman that could take advantage of the Qriocity Music Unlimited service.

    Thanks, though, for the update. Cheers!

  5. Hoped for a new Sony Walkman X Series...disappionting.


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