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New Walkman Flagship Announced (prototype)

Sony has just announced a new flagship Walkman at IFA 2011, running you guessed it, Android!!. :D More as the story develops.  Image source Engadget from the press conference.

Here is a link to CNET and their information about the new prototype, but basically it is an android powered Walkman which is being dubbed the "Walkman Mobile Entertainment Player".  The device ships with S-Master AMP along with noise cancellation.  It can also tap into Sony's Music unlimited service which means it probably has WiFi.

No details on pricing or availability but Nagashima from Sony said, "We are working hard for early introduction of this product."  Hopefully this means soon and this year.  No information on CPU but it comes with a 4.3 inch screen at 800x640 resolution with a non-reflective LCD tech (according to CNET) but the resolution is probably 800x480 and not 640.

Personally, I hope it ships this year along with an OLED screen and not LCD, but it will probably be LCD to reduce costs.  As for the screen size, 4.3 is a bit big, and I would have liked a 4 inch screen instead.

More images after the break courtesy of CNET.


  1. Ascariss - I can't see on CNet or anywhere a reference to this player having noise cancellation?

  2. Hi Bob, if you read the CNET article it states in one of the bulletin points:

    • The device has the S-Master MX suite of technology for improving audio quality. It can reduce noise, clarify bass and stereo, restore high-frequency sound that was lost during compression, and improve audio quality when using the device's external speakers.

    -reduce noise, so noise cancellation

  3. I take that as referring to a reduction in the signal noise (i.e. a clearer sound), but you could be right - hopefully they will release the specs soon.

  4. Please Sony, put the "Walkman" name in full on the production units!
    Preferably, on the front bottom bezel and the back cover.
    If not there, at least on one side and the back cover.
    ...it's important.


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