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New Sony B-Series Walkman Unveiled

For some odd reason I never seem to receive the Sony Press emails when the information goes up onto the press site, it is always a few afters.  Anyways, Sony is introducing an update the the B-Series, the new B170.  The design is actually different this time around, with the styling matching the current line up of Walkmans.  I was hoping Sony would have thrown in some decent headphones but it appears they have not and it seems the USB is still 2.0, but there seems to be no mention of that in the press releases.  Perhaps the next gen will have USB 3.0.

Feel the bass with new Walkman B170

Light, colourful MP3 player with quick-charge battery
  •     Pumping beats with Bass Boost button
  •     Quick 3 minutes battery charge gives 90 minutes playback
  •     Clip attaches Walkman to belt or clothes
  •     Easy drag and drop music transfers
  •     Built-in USB connects Walkman® to PC, hi-fi or car stereo
Rest of the press release and more photos after the break.

Get ready to really feel the music with the colourful Walkman B170 Series of MP3 players from Sony.

Weighing just 28g, new Walkman B Series is small and light enough to take anywhere: but don’t be deceived by its tiny size. Press the Bass Boost button and you’ll be blown away by rich, pumping low-end. And to show where you’re coming from, there’s a colour-matched LED that pulses in time with the music.

When you’re in a hurry, 3 minutes charging time gives enough battery power for 90 minutes listening. Fully charged, Walkman B Series lets you listen non-stop for 18 hours – plenty for the longest commute or an overnight break.

You won’t want to keep other people in the dark about your favourite MP3 player. Walkman® B Series features a chunky clip that attaches to a belt, bag strap or clothing to show off your style.

It’s easy to load up with your favourite songs. Walkman® connects directly to any Windows PC via its built-in USB port with no extra cables required. Copying files is a simple drag-and-drop process, with no need to install any file transfer software. You can also connect Walkman® to a compatible hi-fi or car stereo and enjoy direct playback.

Looking for the right song to fit your mood? ZAPPIN™ search technology scans through your music collection, previewing a snatch of each track without menus or playlists. Hear a track you like and press the ‘ZAP’ button again to hear the whole song.

Extra refinements include an on-board equalizer to sculpt your sound, plus a voice recorder that’s perfect for grabbing spontaneous thoughts, notes and ideas.

The new Walkman B170 Series of MP3 players by Sony are available in a choice of 2GB or 4GB capacities from January 2012.

Click on the photos for a larger size.


  1. Chances are likely that if you're getting this type of lower-end mp3 player, you probably do not have a USB 3.0 compatible computer. Makes sense. However, they should have offered 4 and 8 GB versions only for this line.

  2. Higher capacity might be a good idea but most perhaps Sony would rather you buy a more expensive model with more capacity than the B series.

    As for USB 3.0 it is true most people will not have a computer with USB 3.0 but Sony has it on most of their vaios. The SE and SB and SA all have USB 3.0 and with Ivy bridge shipping with USB 3.0, I can see a lot more laptops and computers coming with USB 3.0 in the near future.

  3. what is different between this sony walkman B-series bass booster and sony ericsson walkman megabass booster system in their equalizer...can anyone explain this..

  4. what is different between this bass booster sony walkman b series and megabass of sony ericsson walkman..???which one is better in bass system n loud bass..i love bass system so much..my experience is megabass in very good.

  5. please give me differences between megabass system sony ericcson walkman and bass system of this walkman bseries???

    1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=onA109FifoQ&list=LL9J2YhKNMcOk9hdeIwJLCig&index=6


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