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Tiny E-Series Walkman Lives on in Japan

Sony Japan has updated the NW-E050 Walkman lineup for 2012, the NW-E060.  The updated E will be released on February 11th for $90 for 2GB and $110 for 4GB.  This seems expensive but when you factor in the headphones and the added Noise Cancellation it is a good deal.  The bundled headphones are the MDR-NC33, which shipped with other NC Walkman in the past  The updated E will come in 4 colours (red, black, pink, and blue) and compared to the previous E is smaller and lighter.  Supported file formats are MP3/WMA (non-DRM) / ATRAC / ATRAC Advanced Lossless / Linear PCM / AAC (Non DRM) / HE-AAC.

Like the previous generation, the new E also comes with a small speaker dock which thankfully looks a lot better than before.  The E060K comes with a 0.5W colour-coded speaker that is powered by the Walkman itself, attachment is via a WM-Port.  Unfortunately only the E will fit since the speaker insert is molded to it.

Personally I would love to see this on sale in Europe and would definitely grab one to supplement my X-Series.

More photos and hands-on from AV-Watch after the break.

Click on the photos for a larger size

E060 (Left) vs E050 (right)

Source: AV-Watch, Sony


  1. Beautiful small walkman, even better than e050.
    it has all the features of s series and noise cancellation too ( for those who like it).
    but sony will not bring it outside japan because of price factor as lot of people want value for money and international e series serves that purpose with more gigs and less functions.
    although some of us would love to buy one as second player even outside japan

  2. Oh, they look delicious.:)

  3. does it have language setting?

    1. Only language available on it is Japanese.


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