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Walkman Z-Series Video from Sony

Sony has a quick promotional video of the new Z-Series Walkman, check it out above.
Both Sony Canada and USA will be offering the new Z-Series.  In Canada, only the 16 and 32GB models will be available on February 13th for $299 and $349 CDN respectively, and in the US there will be 3 capacities, and vailable on March 1st in 8, 16 and 32GB priced at $249, $279, and $329 USD respectively. 

I think the Z has a chance to sell well but MWC is starting in late February with a lot of new phones and tablets which if priced right could make the Z not that attractive.


  1. How much of the Walkman's capabilities based on software or hardware? I've always thought that they should package their software into an app that could be sold for Android/iOS. An app that could turn your phone into a virtual Walkman would be awesome, right?

  2. I like the look of this device, but as has been said before, for those that already have a decent smart phone, the z-series is too big and highly spec'd.

    I was in the market for a new mp3 player recently because I was bored of my cowon j3 and my walkman a846 died. I opted for the new a-series walkman over the z-series as I already have a galaxy s2.

    When Sony release the z-series but with full phone capabilities I will be all in... With Sony taking over Ericsson my guess is we won't have too long to wait! Fingers crossed anyway...

  3. Glad it appears Sony will finally be offering a player above 16GB in Canada (32GB). However not so sure I need the big screen for video and android apps. I am a dedicated hardware type of guy, I just want a kick ass music player that I can carry ALL my music on. I can use my phone for video and apps. I might get just because of the Walkman brand/quality and larger memory.


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