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Sony Walkman F-Series Full Press Release

Get Ready For a Soul Shaking Audio Experience 
The next generation Walkman mobile entertainment from Sony delivers exhilarating music and multimedia performance

Designed for music lovers, by music lovers, the next generation Walkman NWZ-F800 mobile entertainment player delivers soul shaking audio clarity, turning music and video into an immensely joyful experience wherever you go.

With a strong emphasis on audio quality, audiophiles will appreciate what Sony has achieved in the NWZ-F800’s core user experience of superior sound quality driven by the premium S-Master MX digital amplifier and four other Clear Audio Technologies (Clear Stereo, Clear Bass, DSEE and EX headphone) from Sony. The NWZ-F800 offers brilliantly accurate sound reproduction with an enriched stereo image, tight bass and crystal clear highs. It also features the Clear Phase technology which ensures reduced distortion and increased sound presence – in other words, outstanding high quality sound in a portable audio device.

The NWZ-F800 matches superb sound with an equally entertaining AV user experience. Fun features such as SenseMe channels analyse your music and sort them according to mood; Lyrics are displayed so you can sing along to your favourite tunes; and Visualisers and Cover Art View provide brilliant visuals on the vibrant 3.5” WVGA multi-touch screen LCD, bringing you closer to your music.

Powerful NVIDIA Tegra II dual-core processor and Google Android 4.0 platform opens the door to a universe of choices for music aficionados get the most out of their music – a perfect package of sound and fun wherever you go.

“Along with the recently launched Z1000 Walkman, the NWZ-F800 joins our family of multi-app Walkman® mobile entertainment devices, bringing a powerful combination of unbelievable sound and exceptional UX (User Experience) design,” said Sydney Lee, General Manager, Personal Entertainment Division, Consumer Business Group, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific. “Discerning and savvy music lovers have been coveting a dedicated digital media player for music and rich multimedia content separate from their smartphones and the NWZ-F800 delivers on all fronts.”

Music has never been this convenient to listen to. The W.button on the NWZ-F800 gives you instant access to music playback, no matter what task you are currently engaged in. With one press the W.button launches W.Control, which lets you play, stop, skip forward or backward, and view additional track information without interrupting your activity.

House in a compact aluminium body, the NWZ-F800 also includes FLAC support for true CD-quality sound, 512MB memory, GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® connectivity, and up to 25 hours of music playback.

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  1. Can't wait, what for another overpriced piece Sony tech, wow it has GPS. But it's only 16gb & has a 25hr battery life - bet that drops significantly once you start using things like GPS & Apps.

  2. A Walkman that finally supports FLAC, sounds good but with 32GB max capacity, memory seems a bit small for lossless - another Sony cock-up.

    Sony - how about giving us bigger memory capacities or a microSD card slot in Walkmans

  3. Sony. Putting in useful functions, one by one. Years after they should have been present.

  4. The New Sony Walkman E and F series are now available to preorder at sony.com :D

  5. Wow...how many more years before we get a player with 64 or 128 GB from Sony? They already released the 64 GB in the form of NW-A847 in 2009, but why go backward and max out a player in 2012 with only 32 GB?

  6. How come the 32GB F-series is cheaper than the 32Gb Z-series?

  7. The new F is supposed to be a model under the Z, plus it has a smaller screen.

    1. Smaller screen was my thought too but I thought power wise it's the same? Is the F slower?

  8. why didn't they ever update the walkman z instead of making a new walkman? Really Sony I thought you cared about your customers.

  9. I can't wait for it. I have the E,A,Z,and S series, and I'm looking forward for another great Walkman

  10. a regularly dissatisfied sony customer15 October, 2012 05:40

    Seriously, who runs this company? We finally get FLAC. Guess the guy who gave us, what was it, ATRAC? finally fell on his sword. Now they insult us with 32gb. Please do something right for once. I wanna be proud of my Walkman especially with all the fruit lovers running around like lemmings. SONY YOU MUST DO BETTER. BIGGER FLASH OR MICROSD. Just give us a microseconds slot and I'm happy.

  11. There is 64gb model F807 stop rattling and do some research.

  12. Not available in India

  13. Does the cover art tagged to FLAC file appear when we play the file?


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