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Sony NW-S77x Firmware Update to 1.02

The following is for the Japanese market only NW-S77x, not for the international NWZ-77x.

It appears there is some kind of bug that makes the song stop at the start of playing.  More information regarding the update can be found here but it is in Japanese.  But using Google translate should be sufficient in understanding the instructions if you have a NW-S77x.

I personally have noticed a glitch on my NWZ-E575 as well.  Sometimes when playing a song for a bit, the Walkman for some reason replays the song from the start.  I am not sure if this is related to the firmware or just the cold temperatures we have had in the past few months here in Poland.  I haven't had the issue come up in above 0 weather though.

Also I am aware of my late late review of the new E-Series, I promise it is coming soon.


  1. hello. This seems to be the place to get a final response about this. I've got an NWZ-E436F Walkman. It works nicelly for me, but it does not suppor FLAC and that's simply a no good.
    I would really apreaciate you to tell me if there's a chance to get a custom firmware to flash it up or if there's something else I can do to get my Walkman to play APE, FLAC.

    thanks in advance!

    1. Ho Peguen, I don't know if there os a way to get the E to play FLAC, but I suggest trying head-fi.org forums. You may find something there. Cheers, SebaE

  2. Sorry to be so off-topic, but I read somewhere on the web that there aren't going to be any further Android Walkman. Does anyone know anything? It'd be a pity but it seems Sony is giving up on the Walkman. No more traditional players, only W-style stuff from now on.


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