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No more Walkmans?

So this is just a rumour for the time being but it seems Sony might exit the MP3 player market and only keep the W-Series as their only walkman in the range.  Stay tuned...


  1. D; I really hope they don't
    On a side note Sony is planning on releasing a Xperia Walkman and Xperia Cybershot. Both will have a 5 inch screen. The Xperia Walkman will have a built in amplifier like the high end walkmans and the Xperia Cybershot will have a advanced state of the art camera that will use a 13-20 megapixel full size sensor. Think of the sensor used in the RX1. These are expected to be announced towards the beginning or end of the summer. If they continue making high end walkmans I don't see the point of them making a Xperia Walkman. I want Sony to just make a all in one device with a built in amplifier,13-20 megapixel full size sensor, full hd 5 inch oled/sapphire screen, Snapdragon 800 processor, Bravia Engine 3.0, user replaceable 3300 battery, user expandable microsd slot, 32/64 gb built in memory, hardware buttons (camera button, home button, capacitive menu and back button) and have a Vapor Mag uni body chassis. They should make a wifi only and 3g/4g version. The wifi version will cost $500 and the 3g/4g with a data plan will cost $799 unlocked with a carrier ($299 subsidized). If Sony did this they will rule the mobile space. Of course this is just a dream device that will never materialize. In all seriousness I hope that Sony releases a high end walkman with specs similar to their high end smartphones before google i/o or summer's end.

  2. I think the rumour will be true, in the end. There is much talk about Sony giving up on the mp3 players. It's a pity, as I think dedicated devices are way better than do-it-all phones. I love my Z, like to use for music and entertainment and save my phone's battery for calls and communication. If they stop makung high-end walkmans I'll have to switch to Cowon or other specialized maker. I won't be spending fortunes on high-end Sony phones. Best, SebaE

  3. if this is the case, and if sony is reading this, i got an idea, there should be a lot of W series walkmans,

    1. for entry level w series walkmans - they should have the same EQs and EX headphones from S and E series walkmans,

    2.high end W series walkmans which will have better quality sounds and better EQ, higher ex phones, and better technologies like the digital noise cancelling and digital amplifiers of the s-master, similar to the x series and a series.

    3.all the w series walkmans should have the standard jog dails, volume control, and the present waterproof properties. it should even have bluetooth and nfc to control phone calls frm mobiles, so the cancel and answer button too,

    4. this time , the w series walkmans should have 16-32gb capacities than the 4gb

    5. now this is the idea i gt in my mind, since thr is no screen, the songs can be navigated by jog dial, but for those who need to see the songs visually, sony should release a walkman app for all the platforms - ios, android and windows phone, so anyone can use the app to control on their smartphones or tablets, and will be connected through blueooth or nfc or wifi.

    6. ofcourse the huge battery life which is most impt.

  4. i know all those ideas might be questioned, by how will we surf the net, or how will we use android like the z walkman or how will we see videos, well those days are over, u can do all that in every smartphone or tablet whether any platform, gone are the days of nano or ipod touch , its time sony brings something revolutionary,w series walkman is a start where no other company should have stellar sound quality as the next gen walkmams, no more wire tangle, there should be a meaning to the word walkman, really a class different from others, not copying the ipod nano or touch or following what apple does, till now i havent seen any1 making something like w series, and this is sony's chance to make something different, when i saw sony's w series first time, i was wondering why isn't sony doing anything further in advancement of it rather having specs like the entry b series, i hope sony reads the points i mentioned above, i trust them. Very soon need to replace my walkman players. all those high end tech crapmed into a w series walkman , will give them buisness including the walkman app, for god sake sony already have a remote control app for the nex6 camera controlling through wifi, why cant this, and sony please, the app should be light, stylish and smooth that can evn run on the most slowest of android phones.

  5. As long as they dont before the summer, because i really want to buy one, but i dont have the money just yet...

  6. Good points, Anonymous, indeed. Still, and as much as I'd like to own such a W as the one you suggest, I love having a small, tablet-like, player with superior HQ, like the Z. Not sure there are many like me left, but I'd love to see more high-end Walkmans like the Z.

    BTW, for those interested, Sony USA has the Z back in their online shop.


  7. yes sebae, count me in those who wanted small tablet like players, i was so in love with x walkman, i badly wanted blueooth in tht, remember the a series walkman with bluetooth long ago, dnt remmeber the series, the thin one,anyway that didnt happen instead new a series walkmans with no oled came, anyway ,in order not to loose the tablet like feel is why i said sony should make an app for androids and ios etc, so the app can interact with the w walkman. :) or if sony has an idea to make some sort of wireless small touch device similar to the new ipod nano touch ..to interact the w series walkman, the prices will hike more and more, oh ya than can be an accessory too :P

  8. Yeah, right, anonymous, I think your W would be an awesome idea, and one that would leñe itself nicely to connect with sth loor the Sony watch. I'm pretty dure that you're right about prices. Sony would take advantage to charge more and more, as always.
    Still, I loved my A816 and I love my current Z1060...SebaE

  9. I think future walkmans will be a part of the xperia phones, but not just as an app...

    Honami is announced of course rumor.


    I'm still hoping that seperat walkman flagships will continue ...

  10. I for one am surprised it has taken them this long. With the surge in smartphone popularity, there will have been less and less people in the market for an mp3 player & those that are will mostly look to apple first.

    For most people (myself included) the convenience and features available on smartphones far outweighs any sound quality negatives. I have been a smartphone user for a while and thought that their sound was very inferior to walkmans. But when I invested in a decent pair of earphones (Sony ones!)I was very surprised that the sounds quality coming out of the iphone with EQ off. Walkmans are still better sounding but when you compare the sound quality difference to the advantages of the smartphone, the smartphone wins -for me anyway.

    If Sony finally includes one of their digital mx amps in an xperia phone then I will probably buy one.

  11. Guys, I am in the verge of buying a new walkman from the e series walkman I got, but I dnt like the android walkmans, the last non android walkmans with digital amps were a840 and a860 walkmans, walkman owners please comment about the sound quality of a840 and 860 walkmans compared to the recent android walkmans Z and F series. I just dnt like the battery sucking tegra and android in my walkman, that already exists in my phne and tablet.

  12. I have the E575 with NC and the sound quality is great but I feel my X-series is slightly louder and has a richer sound. I am still hoping for a non android walkman to come out with s-master amp and digital NC but I doubt it.

    I do hope the rumour of no more walkmans is false, we'll know once IFA rolls around.

    1. I hope too ascariss, even the shops in dubai or india don't have the non android flagships anymore, the z series was there, the moment I held the z, I was dissapointed by the big size of it, this is all because of the influence of those itouch days with wifi and app store, its soo unnecessary to have a battery hungry os and cpu like tegra and android, I dnt know what happened to everyone but now everyone wants a phone with camera and player and everything in a smartphone, they all tend to forget about the battery life of a smartphone when u keep clicking and hearing music in one device not to mention abt the android and 3g battery drain, I still support stand alone devices for mp3 player and camera, u get better features and better quality and more importantly battery. Miss the days of x series and a series.

      I hope they don't cut off the non android walkmans, or atleast if the w series walkman, then sony should read the 6 points I typed earlier comment including how they should divide the w series into high / mid and low range devices and with that android app support to scroll through songs.


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