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Blog Design updated

I have finally added a new design to the blog which I feel makes it look more professional.  There are still some areas I need to sort out like images which open in two separate galleries, which I can hopefully resolve eventually.  It seems that some of the images are resized with awkward dimensions so I will have to go through most the site and replace them.

Generally the comments section is now easier to read and view with more obvious buttons for reply and as always anonymous comments are still allowed but are of course first screened before posting.  It seems most spam comments have all but disappeared which makes me happy.

The search now seems to work a lot better than before, providing the top 10 results.  In addition there are the popular and recent posts on the side allowing quick access to those.

Some of the menus are not populated with anything and will be soon enough or removed completely.

If anyone finds any errors or mistakes please leave a comment on this post, thanks.


  1. any update on the walkmans? Sony just recently announced the Sony Togari now known as the Sony Xperia Ultra Z. I am still waiting for them to announce the Sony Honami which is suppose to be the best all in one phone. Sony also announced their second generation smart watch.

  2. change it so that instead of showing the TIME of the post it has the DATE

  3. Hi there Ascariss, congratulations on the new design. It looks GREAT! Thanks for keeping the Walkman spirit alive. Cheers,

  4. Hi there Ascariss, congratulations on the new design. It looks GREAT. Thanks for keeping the Walkman spirit alive!
    On another note, has anyone using a Z series on ICS noticed that some features work more sluggishly after the update than before, on GB?

  5. Hi there, the new design looks much better! I just bought a walkman NZW-E473 and i'm looking for a nice dock/speaker for it. Your site has been very helpful. Thanks a lot!


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